Yellow pages group ios app

Yellow Pages Group

iOS app

2 months

User Experience
UI Design

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

As the Lead Sr. Designer at Trader Corporation, I had the opportunity to briefly work on the design changes of the Yellow Pages Group app. YPG acquired Trader Corporation in 2006 and as a result, our design team was sometimes asked to work on their projects as well.

Provide the user with a prompt search module, while adding the most common categories below the search bar, for ease of use (such as Restaurants, Gas, Banks and Taxi). The Business or Person categories were also within close proximity to the search bar so that it provided the user with a complete set of choices, and thus, with more accurate search results.

Trying to "move" from paper to a website and finally to an app, while educating an audience that has been used for decades to the famous Yellow Pages Catalogue was a bit of a challenge and thus, a steady process had to be adopted. Upon installing the app, a quick tutorial prompted the user with a glimpse of the features that were available, such as "Find Local Businesses" (at this point, the user could actually perform the task by clicking the "Search nearby" button at the bottom or skip this step by clicking the "Later" link at the top). The business' profile page contained 4 main tabs: About (which was the one the user would land by default), Directions, Reviews and Details. The user had the option to add photos to the business profile page or to leave a review. There were 2 main buttons at the bottom, Call Now and Directions, to easily access the business or get further information.

Next steps:
In the later stages of the project, a TO DO List option was introduced, which allowed users to create tasks for themselvesk and mark them as complete, get instant business suggestions or find help from pros. By creating a profile, a user was then able to send messages, rate and sync their favourites, see a history of the pages / business visited and customize their to to-do lists.